Career coaching for Young Adults, Uusimaa

Nuoria ihmisiä työssä ja yhdessä pohtimassa tulevaa
Personal meetings, online coaching
Vantaa, Kerava, Porvoo, Loviisa, Myrskylä, Lapinjärvi, Askola, Pukkila
Cimson Koulutuspalvelut

Lets’s find the best path together

Do you feel that your search for work or education is hard or that you are in a never-ending rollercoaster with these questions? Well, you are not there alone. We here at Cimson can help you. Please read below how.

This coaching is for you to find a way forward smoothly. You will get a personal coach who will help you in brushing up  your job seeking skills, making applications to education or just in finding a right path forward.

Together with your Cimson coach you can seek opportunities for work interviews and prepare for them. If the choice is to acquire more skills and competences at school, you will apply together. You will decide with your coach how to proceed.

How can you you hop on board?

Your will tell your wishes and goals and we will roll up our sleeves in working towards you goal.

  1. Our service begins when your coach is calling you and you will make first appointment.
  2. You will plan together the path forward.
  3. You and your coach will map up your skills and competences and make a plan how to proceed.
  4. You are working together with you coach to reach your goal.
  5. You and your coach will stay in frequent contact. You will meet online or face-to-face depending on the current COVID – 19 restrictions.
  6. Special services can be planned to help you in finding work or education. Skills passports such as hygiene passport, occupational safety card or alcohol proficiency test can be organised. Also career coach can help in defining your educational and occupational goals.

How long does it take?
Your personal coach will be there for you for 6 months.

How can you you hop on board?
As soon as you have contacted TE services or local municipal employment experiment and you have agreed to start the service, we will be in contact. You will tell your wishes and goals and we will roll up our sleeves in working towards you goal.

See you soon!

Lehtiö Juhana
040 704 6398

Contact us

Cimson Koulutuspalvelut
Office phone 020 791 2972

How to get in contact with the TE services or municipal employment experiment?

In cooperation with: Uusimaa TE Services, local municipal employment experiments and Uusimaa Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment

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