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In this coaching, you’ll work on our digital training platform Redi, which helps you to process your way forward. You’ll also have a coach, who’ll work with you to find opportunities matching your competence.

There are four different training paths available, each having a unique emphasis. You can choose the path that best suits your needs.

  1. By following the job search path, you’ll develop skills for your job search and learn about the latest trends in job search.
  2. On the path to competence development, you’ll get to consider new options and can form a roadmap for developing your competence.
  3. On the resources path, you’ll find new energy and fuel for your job search, and new types of career plans can be formed.
  4. Me, an Entrepreneur? is a path that gives you a taste of entrepreneurship and you can consider if entrepreneurship would be something for you.

Your coach will guide you via Teams. If you don’t use Teams, telephone calls are an option. You can work on your digital coaching path just when it suits you. If you wish, you can also participate in discussions with other coaching participants in Redi platform discussion forum.

This is how it works

We will call you, set up first coaching session and send you an information package including a link to Redi platform by e-mail.

Login to Redi and start with an initial survey.

Set goals with your coach and select your study path accordingly. Now you can start your study path in Redi.

Meet with your coach and work together for the best outcome! You’ll find out about attractive industries. The contacts of our employer pool in the Häme region are at your disposal.

Duration of service is up to 3 months.

Register through TE-palvelut Services’ employment experts!

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