Entrepreneurship training online, 15 days, Keski-Suomi

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Become a succesful Entrepreneuer!

This training is suitable for those who are interested in entrepreneurship and those who have recently established their own business.
The training will be carried out in part as webinars on Teams and in part as independent online learning through the YrittäjäRedi platform.
The platforms are easy to use and you do not need to have earlier experience with online learning. In the training, you will receive guidance and consulting from entrepreneurship coaches to create your business plan and for business calculations.

The YrittäjäRedi platform is also communal and in the webinars you will be able to discuss with others who are planning on becoming entrepreneurs or who already are entrepreneurs. The training will be in English.

3 study days with webinars + 12 study days online

The structure of the training
The training is made up of webinars, video lectures and online learning both alone and together with others on Teams and YrittäjäRedi. You will either already have a business idea or you will create one during the training so that you can turn this into a business plan through the course. To create the business plan, you will gain thorough knowledge through the YrittäjäRedi platform and webinars.
There are altogether six webinars (each 3-4 x 45min). In addition to this, you will study through the online platform YrittäjäRedi. The full length of the training is 15 days x 7 hours = 105 hours, of which 21 hours are webinars and 84 hours are other online learning.

The contents of YrittäjäRedi are for example: what is a good business plan, turning your ideas into products, service design, budgeting and calculating costs, accounting and taxes, marketing plans, starting an online shop, forms of enterprise and establishing a business, and much more. The business plan will be made using YrittäjäRedi’s business plan template and you will receive personal guidance to create this.

Read more about the training on the TE Services website

Course number is 700309, Apply by September 5th, 2021

The training will be in English.

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