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Welcome to Jobseeker -club!

Our professional coaches will boost your job seeking and applications to next level!

Coaching is carried out during a three week period in total of five different days.

One club day is five hours long.

Jobseeking -club is executed via small group activities, where one can utilize the experience and good tips from all of the participants. On top of the club days, our service provides you with personal coaching and assignments related to your jobseeking.

Club days start at 09:00 with a cup of coffee on the house!

Upcoming clubs in English:

Jobseeker Club., 709548, group days: 12.12., 14.12., 19.12., 21.12. and 29.12.2022

Jobseeker club includes:


  • Survey: clarifying the needs for coaching
  • Review your CV for further development
  • Personal plan to improve job seeking
  • Mapping your personal proficiencies and strengths

Familiarizing tools to seek jobs

  • Composing applications focused on your strengths with Redi -program
  • Pitch talk and presentation of your core features for employers
  • Video interview and TEAMS-interview practises
  • Local labour market, shared knowledge of employers and hidden jobs
  • Mastering interviews through simulation practises

Active job seeking

  • We will seek new jobs in the club and look for hidden job opportunities
  • Goal is to get interviews and possible jobs via active applying

Signing in

You can sign up via local Government pilots on employment (Työllisyyden kuntakokeilut) by contacting you assigned coach (omavalmentaja). We will contact you and invite you to participate!

Honkanen Jonne
050 477 0732

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