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Join Jobseeker’s club!

Professional coaching and boost for your job seeking!

Coaching is held during three weeks in total of six workdays.

The coaching day lasts approximately five hours.

In the Jobseeker’s club you work with your individual goals as a part of a group. The group shares opinions, tips and conversations throughout the coaching. On top of the group days, you are offered also individual coaching to hone your application and interview skills.

Jobseeker’s club starts at 09:00 with a freshly brewed coffee!

Upcoming English group:

Jobseeker -club 713924, group days: 13.6., 15.6., 20.6., 22.6., 27.6. and 30.6.2023

Goals and contents

Starting point

  • Mapping the needs of coaching and goals
  • Focusing on you skills to level up your CV
  • Personal plan for future to advance your skills as a jobseeker
  • Mapping your personal skills, professional skills and strengths

Learn how to improve

  • Wording and phrasing your skills with our online learning program REDI
  • Pitch talk and other ways to market yourself to employers
  • TEAMS as a part of current work market and life
  • Local employers, demand on market and hidden jobs
  • Practising and mastering the interview situations

Active Jobseeking

  • Participants will apply for open jobs and seek for hidden jobs
  • The goal is to get job interviews and potentially employment through active job seeking

Signin up

You can sign up with your personal coach in pilot on employment office. After the entry notification, we will contact you the week before the coaching starts.

Honkanen Jonne
050 477 0732

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