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Find a new direction in working life quickly with the help of Digital remote job coaching

  • Your personal coach will look for a suitable job with you or an opportunity to develop your skills, you will get to know attractive career fields.
  • The contacts of our Häme area employer network are at your disposal.
  • You work on the digital Redi coaching platform independently on the training path of your choice: To work -path, Competence development -path, Personal resources at work and in making new plans -path, Could I become an entrepreneur? -path and the New plans -path for customers of the extended transition security.
  • On the To work -path, you will get excellent preparation for your job search, e.g. you prepare or develop skills-oriented job search documents, get tips for using job search channels and searching for hidden jobs, and for face-to-face or video job interview situations. You will also do practical job search under the guidance of your coach.
  • On the Competence development -path, you will consider new career options and get a road map for developing your skills, i.e. concrete options for training.
  • On the Personal resources -path, you will find new inspiration and fuel for your job search and create new career plans.
  • On the Could I become an entrepreneur? -path you get a taste of the possibility of entrepreneurship with a professional entrepreneurship coach and you can think about whether it would be your solution.
  • On the New plans -path, you get support and coaching for finding a new direction for your career after the end of your previous employment. You can also use the New plans -path to map and find an individual training path, if you belong to the 55+ scope of extended transition security and are considering making use of transition security training.
  • Your coach will guide you on your digital online coaching path via the Redi -platform and with the help of TEAMS or a telephone connection.
  • You can work on your digital coaching path exactly when it suits you.
  • Under the coach’s guidance, you can also choose additional training paths suitable for your situation.
  • With the help of the digital coaching path and guidance, you will get a practical plan for finding your place in work life through job search or training.
  • The tasks you do in Redi, form a digital summary of your coaching path.
  • The online Redi platform is easy to use and your personal coach will guide you in its use. You need a computer or a tablet to work in Redi.

Sign up for coaching through your own contact person at the TE services or local government pilot on employment.

Training number 718509

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