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Tailoring the next steps of your career with you!

  • In Tailor coaching, you get a personal Career Planning and Job Search Tailor, with whom, according to your wishes, e.g. you contact employers, look for study options that suit you, apply for work try-out or training try-out places, etc. 
  • Your Tailor also helps you find other services, which you feel you need, to support your progress, and is there for you throughout the service and for example, during a work try-out or when you start your studies or employment.
  • You will set your own personal goals for the service together with your Tailor. Your Tailor offers you strong support and guidance according to your needs towards your goals.
  • Depending on your situation, the coaching may provide you with information on job-rich sectors; offer you career counselling; help you apply for jobs or work try-out positions with the help of your Tailor’s employer tips; assist you to prepare a skills-oriented CV and cover letter; offer you guidance on the most effective job search channels and practices and the best tips for job interview situations and telling employers about yourself.
  • You can map and identify your skills and strengths under Tailor’s guidance using the ForeAmmatti and Redi online tools.
  • With your Tailor, you can visit interesting workplaces or educational institutions and search for studies.
  • Our employer contacts are at your disposal and, if you wish, your Tailor can introduce you to employers.  
  • The goal is that the coaching provided by your Tailor helps you take the next step in your career path towards employment.

Sign up through your TE service specialist or your personal coach at the Local government pilot on employment.  


Suonpää Anne
valmennuspalvelujen johtaja
040 523 1464

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